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Business and Technology Buzzwords and Acronyms

4 years ago

During business meetings, participants invariably love to use business-related buzzwords and phrases, frequently not related to good English vocabulary.
Do you understand phrases such as "Let's touch base", "Try and massage the numbers", "close on a handshake", "meet us in the middle", "advertainment", "Low Hanging Fruit", "wheelhouse"? You just aren't in the game if you don't understand these and many more - and how to use them.

The IT and technology world (which is where I spent most of my working life) absolutely love acronyms or initialisms, often specifically related only to the IT world. How about these? "VoIp", "CAT 5", "FTP", "NAT", MAC", "QAM" and many more.
I can help you negotiate this maze of terminology to better prepare you for English business meetings and technology discussions.