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Hi, my name is Clóvis and this is your first Portuguese class. I have been a Portuguese language teacher for international students for more than 12 years at a very well-known school in Porto, Portugal. I love teaching Portuguese because as well teaching my language, I am able to discover and experience the different languages and cultures of my students from across the world. In addition to teaching Portuguese, I love to give my insights about what Portugal has to offer in terms of cuisine, sightseeing, traditions and so on… For a number of years I lived and worked in England. This gave me the opportunity to meet many different people, making me very at ease with people of different nationalities. I have a degree in Anglo-Saxon literatures from the Faculty of Letters, University of Porto. A couple of years later, I completed another degree, this time in Law, at the University Portucalense, also in Porto. You can expect from me an unlimited number of resources based on your goals. Portugal has become a favoured destination among travellers and expats that wish to reside here. In order for you to obtain your Portuguese citizenship, I can help you prepare for the requisite Portuguese exam. I can make a fast and detailed learning plan based on your aims and how you best learn. I will not bother you with grammar, rather, we will have many engaging conversations based on topics of your choice and what you want to learn. Moreover, I can help you out with your pronunciation along with your listening comprehension because as we both know, this language is quite hard to understand - that’s why I’m here to help! So, I hope to see you in class.

Do you feel nervous during presentations and meetings with your Portuguese speaking co-workers or natives? Or simply to ask or order something in Portuguese? Do have trouble understanding native Portuguese speakers? Does remote work make these challenges even bigger? Are you tired of having to repeat yourself because others don’t understand you? Let's work together so you can be taken seriously and move up in your career!

These are just some of the things I can help you with:

- Pronunciation, intonation, and accent reduction;

- Advancing your vocabulary;

- Portuguese idioms and phrases (a big part of our speaking culture);

- Listening comprehension;

- Grammar;

- Speaking confidence;

- Cultural insights;

- Crucial differences between Portuguese and Spanish language.

Some of my students are:

Expats, IT engineers, doctors, students, teachers, lawyers, bankers, CEOs, CMOs, stay at home parents, and people moving to or currently living in Portugal.

I teach people from all over the world, but I have an expertise in students from:
Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico;
Europe and Eastern Europe
French speaking countries
USA and Canada
South Korea

My lessons are fun, engaging, and most of all effective. Tell me what do you want to improve on, and I will design a lesson specifically for you. I am looking forward to meet you!

It's never late to learn or to improve your skills!

See you in class soon!
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2010 - 2014
Licenciatura em Solicitadoria
Universidade Portucalense - Porto
Solicitadoria e Direito
2004 - 2008
Licenciatura de Estudos Anglo-Americanos
Faculdade de Letras - Porto
Literaturas Anglo-Americanas

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2009 - 0
Native Language Teacher
Fast Forward - Porto
The teaching of portuguese as a foreign language

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