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About Me

你好!Hello everyone!

Curiosity and a positive attitude will help you get through the plateaus, tedium and rough spots that always accompany language learning while you enjoy the ride.

Greetings from Yan , a teacher with more than 1500 teaching hours (online & offline ) experience :)

About me:
I am a native Chinese and speak Standard Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
Since learning Chinese has been a very popular choice, therefore, armed with my strong background of knowledge of Mandarin Chinese language, I started my Mandarin coaching since 2015 in one on one or group coaching basis, my students are mainly expats from all over the world.
I am a firm believer that “ you live a new life for every new language you speak.” I am Passionate in teaching, friendly, scrupulous, patient, empathy. A Movie, music , animal lover.

My expertise:
Pinyin ( Do you want to be able to type in Chinese on your phone or computer? Then you need to learn pinyin. Do you want to be able to say new words without getting a native speaker to read out each character for you a million times until you can remember it? Then you need pinyin. Do you want to be able to consistently speak in the standard dialect so people from around China can actually understand you? Pinyin was created for exactly this purpose. )

/ Useful Vocabularies /Phrases / Daily conversational skills
/Real life situation interaction skills / Business Mandarin /Traveling Mandarin /HSK text books

My goal of teaching:
1) Teach and guide you to talk freely like Native Chinese.
2) Remove language barrier and engage in conversation with Chinese speakers on a variety of subjects.
3) Make sure your investment /effort is worthy.

My Teaching material:
1) Special designed my own leaning material (great for beginner) of: Pinyin/ useful Vocabularies / essential daily life sentences /scenario-based conversations

2) Textbook:
Business communication in china / Basic business Chinese /
All levels of HSK (hanyu shuiping kaoshi =Chinese proficiency test)

3) Please do let me know what kind of material you are interested in.

Style of teaching:
Interactive, supportive, creative, I believe that students need to be relaxed and enjoying themselves to get the most from sessions.

My Teaching method:
Heavily based on pronunciation/speaking /conversation practice and correction, with the necessary study elements taught at different point during the class. Subject will be covered with speed; concise follow-up homework tasks reaffirming this knowledge gained in class then follow by revision.

You are about to make a wise move, stay with me to learn and practice!
Welcome to join me if you are interested in learning mandarin Chinese regardless your level of knowledge.
Let’s going forward together and I wish the journey with you would change our life significantly for the better!
Materialize the goal you have been planning for so long, click on my schedule to book our first appointment, the dynamic sessions are awaits you.

Please Note:
1) Please send me the PDF before the class if you like to use your own learning materials.
2) To ensure that the efficiency of the lesson, Please do let me know the specific topic that you want to learn before the class if you have any in mind.
3) For absolute beginners: Its essential that your first approach to Chinese language is learning Chinese pinyin, which is Chinese phonetic system to pronounce the Chinese words.

Class Policy:
* Please make sure you remember to arrive on time for your lesson, make sure you did not confuse AM/PM when you scheduling the lesson, and please check your webcam & microphone function properly before the lesson.
* I will wait for my students for 15 minutes (10 minutes for the trial lesson), if the student doesn’t show up in the first 15 minutes, the class ends and will be marked as finished.
* Any cancellation of rescheduling should be done at least 12 hours before the class begin without losing any money, cancellation within 12 hours will be charged 50% of the full price and once the class begins. Your understanding will be much appreciated!

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Writer at NTUC Lifestyle magazine
Chinese language writer of Singapore magazine ( life style column )
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