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Ranked #1 Greek Teacher on Verbling!

Do you find Greek challenging?
Do you feel discouraged trying to talk to native Greek speakers?

If you are ready to take the next step, book a class now and improve your speaking confidence in Greek!
If you are a beginner or want to speak better Greek, that’s my specialty!

I am Thanasis and I live in Athens, Greece.
I am a trained and certified native Greek teacher teaching Greek online since 2012.
This is my full-time job and I make sure my students improve their speaking skills and get results so that they can talk with confidence to Greek speakers

The most effective method to become fluent in Greek!
o see updated and colorful learning materials – the materials are structured in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)
o see my notes
o write on the whiteboard – using the keyboard or a digital pen and the classroom’s markup tools, in this way you take an active part by writing, highlighting or underlining
o watch videos – we will watch interactive videos including different types of questions
o listen to songs – we will listen to the best Greek songs including different types of questions and tasks
o do quizzes
o record your voice – very useful for your reading and speaking skills
o play educational games – yes, it’s fun and exciting! All games are structured on students’ vocabulary
o upload your files
o watch the lesson using video recording
o have the material used during the lesson shared to you
o Master vocabulary with flashcard games, listen to each word’s audio and practice your pronunciation
o Have Homework Assignments – my students are engaged both in and out of class. You could take a picture of the homework and send it to me and I will check the mistakes and weaknesses
o Review

We will work on
o Speaking Practice on a wide range of topics and real-life situations
o Vocabulary and Grammar Development
o Listening and Reading Comprehension
o Phonetics and Accent Reduction
o Writing Correction and Test preparation

Regular weekly schedule
Students follow a regular weekly schedule which can be 1-5 lessons per week. Normally I suggest 2 lessons per week

Book a Lesson now!
*Sessions last 55 minutes

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2012 - 2013
University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Certificate of Teaching Greek as a Second / Foreign Language


2016 - 2017
Teaching Greek as a Foreign / Second Language
Hellenic Centre of the Greek language, University of Thessaloniki, Greece - Thessaloniki, Greece
Teaching Greek as a Foreign / Second Language
2015 - 2015
Έτσι Μαθαίνω
The Online Teacher
2015 - 2015
Hellenic Culture Center
Teaching Reading Comprehension for all levels of Greek as a foreign language
2012 - 2012
Hellenic Culture Centre
The design of a lesson and a course based on the needs of the students of Modern Greek
2004 - 2004
Certificate of Proficiency in English
University of Michigan