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Linda Trang Tran

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*Prefering accepting conversational classes; B1 and B2 exam preparation*

-native German speaker who lives in Vietnam
-speaking Vietnamese and English fluently
-certified teacher: specialized in A1, A2,B1, B2 examination preparation, Online-Teaching
-experienced in giving conversation classes, especially in B1 ,B2 , C1 and pronunciation training ( from level A1-B2)

2017: Bachelor of Science -degree
2019-2020: internetship at the Goethe Institute
since 2020: certified teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam
since September 2022: certified teacher in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hello everybody! Wie gehts, wie steht’s? Nice to meet you and I hope we will have exciting lessons together. On the one side learning German should makes fun and on the other side those lessons should create an added value for you. My Name is Trang or you can call me Linda (That’s my German name). I was born and raised in Germany. German is my mother tongue and speak it fluently. Back then I studied Economics and South-and Southeast Asian Studies in Berlin. I also learned Vietnamese. Hence I can understand how hard the first steps are to learn from an Asian to a Western language or vice versa. Especially when the traditional Vietnamese and Western education system differs a lot.
I started in 2019 with an internship at the Goethe Institute where I began to realize how I love to teach. Helping people to achieve their dreams and supporting them to have a brighter future, fills my heart with joy. In my internship I was focused to help students to prepare them for their B1- Level oral examination. I also was responsible tutoring students that have difficulties with the German language. Most of my students came from modest circumstances, so that I had the urge to support them more dearly.
Since 2020 I began to work officially at the Goethe Institute as a teacher and also had a professional traineeship with regard to method-didactic principles and online teaching as well. With this profound competence I know what kind of steps are necessary, especially at the beginning, to learn a foreign language: I am specialized to teach German for beginners and I am also certified for examinations in A1 and A2 Level. I will show you a lot of learning strategies with regard to listening, reading, writing and talking to increase your ability for your self-study. Through my work, I am also specialized in pronunciation training. So if you want to sound like a native speaker, than give me a try. Whatever your goal will be, I will take you there- step by step, so that you achieve your goal! I will also provide you with a textbook that is called “Schritte Plus” from Hueber.
I am patient and intuitive when understanding students’ needs and have a wealth of experience dealing with language learners, both in the classroom and online. For me, the individuality of my students is very important and that learning has to make fun to remain the motivation. I hope I will hear from you soon and I am excited to have the first lesson with you!

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Prüferzertifikat B1 & B2
Goethe Institute - Ho Chi Minh City
examination certificate for B1 and B2 level
2015 - 2017
Bachelor of Science Economics 2017
Freie Universität Berlin - Germany
2024 - 0
Prüferzertifikat C1
at the Goethe Institute - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
examination certificate for C1 level
2020 - 0
Teacher at the Goethe Institute 2020
Goethe Institute - Hanoi, Vietnam
teaching students from level A1 to C1

briefcaseWork Experience

2019 - 2020
contract for work 2019-2020
Goethe Insitute - Hanoi, Vietnam
tutoring students from A1- C1 level
2019 - 2020
Internship at the Goethe Insitute 2019
Goethe Insitute - Hanoi, Vietnam


2019 - 2022
Grünes Diplom
Goethe Institute - Hanoi
Standardized qualification for teaching with didactic and methodological principles
2021 - 2021
Online tutoring certificate
Goethe Institute - Hanoi
Didactic and methodological principles how to teach online courses effectively
2020 - 2020
Prüferzertifikat A1 & A2 2020
Goethe Institut - Hanoi, Vietnam
examination certificate for A1 and A2 level