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My name is Luca and I am a certified German teacher with a long experience. I have a certificate from the Goethe Institut. I wanted to stay up to date and I did this further education to be more qualified in doing what I love. The course was called DLL (Deutsch Lehren Lernen) and it was about giving teachers the right knowledge to teach classes but also one on one lessons. I moved to Italy five years ago and I go often to Moscow, Russia where I teach Russian students who would like one day to move to Germany. In Germany I worked as a DaF (German as foreign language) teacher, I worked at home, that means that students came to me to take lessons and from time to time, I also went to them. I am a very experienced teacher and I love what I do. I am very patient and I try to support my students as much as I can.

My main goal is trying to share the love I have for this language, which is, when viewed without prejudice, the language of some of the greatest European philosophers, thinkers, and poets. It is a language that may seem hard, but it is not, a difficult language, yes, I do not deny that but if you work on it with good motivation, it will be an achievable goal. I will share all my experiences with you, I have studied it in several institutions in Germany and have lived it on my skin for 20 years, since I lived in Berlin. You will learn the language and culture, I will use methods that use fast learning as suggested by the new, modern, and dynamic teaching methods. My teaching is based on the knowledge of the pupil, not everyone learns in the same way, I will make you reflect on your way of learning and we will use it together to study this wonderful language in the most effective way possible.

Carrying out a typical lesson: it depends on the level of the student. An example could be the following: introduction of the learning objective, reading a text on topics for use in real life. Pronunciation and text analysis. Reading aloud by the pupil. In-depth study and dialogue with the teacher regarding grammar, formal developments and use of the language. Auditory comprehension, dialogue and grammar exercises and final reflection on the learned material. I like using different materials like clips, movies, songs, texts, and this is crucial for me, all of them must be authentic.

Teaching techniques: my teaching techniques follow the following strategies: cognitive, metacognitive and affective strategies. It follows that the preferences and interests of the pupil play a fundamental role, texts and interactive material will be chosen that adapt to the pupil. German will be taught following a plurilingual approach, different languages will be compared, certainly the language or languages that the pupil already knows in a profound or even superficial way.

Who are my lessons for: everyone. The level or age of the student does not matter, anyone can learn German from the youngest to the most experienced.

What distinguishes me as a teacher: my lessons are flexible and at the service of the learning process and the pupil. I do not follow predetermined rules, a language can be learned through work but also through fun. Sometimes small goals to follow, make us reach the goals more easily and help us to be sure of ourselves and motivate us day after day.
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2005 - 2016
Private DaF (German as a foreign language) teacher
freelancer - Berlin, Germany
I taught students at my place and occasionally I went to them
2017 - 0
Private DaF (German as a foreign language) teacher
Freelancer - Ragusa, Italy
I teach students online


2020 - 2021
Deutsch Lehren Lernen (DLL)
Goethe Institut - Online
Further education ("Fortbildung") to teach German as a foreign language