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Deborah, OET, Medical and Legal

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British Medical Professional of 24 years. Learn Medical English and prepare for the OET exam in context, with an experienced and expert OET teacher.

For 6 years I have successfully prepared students for the OET exam, and for the past 14 years I have taught Medical English and supported and coached hundreds of medical professionals to reach their goals of working abroad and secure their desired job,

I am a Native English speaker with a standard British accent, and hold the recognized Cambridge CELTA qualification.

My clinical experience is extensive in the UK healthcare environment, though predominantly frontline, acute medical, A&E and across all medical and surgical disciplines, as well as non acute setting, including mental health.

If you are motivated and have an intermediate level of English and scoring a min of 30/40 in the Reading and Listening mock test. I am experienced at preparing students within a few weeks, and in a few lessons to develop clinical communication skills and confidence to pass the OET at first attempt.

With my clinical experience and indepth knowledge of the healthcare system, I am able to offer interview preparation.

I also utilize wellbeing coaching in our lessons to aid your learning, manage exam stress, to achieve the outcome you desire and prepare you for the challenges you will face in practice.

I am available at short notice, to suit the schedules of the professionals I teach. Please contact me if you require me to add more availability, or you wish to book a lesson within the next 12 hours.

In addition, over the past 9 years I have gained legal experience in areas such as Civil Law, Human Rights, Personal Injury Litigation, GDPR, Medical Negligence, Trademark, Intellectual Property and Company Law. For medical, medical legal, law professionals who wish to expand their legal English, or prepare for the TOLES, SQE exams. I am a registered TOLES training centre.

Professional Development:
OET official exam training.
British Council.
Cambridge English teacher.
TOLES training centre.

Areas of specialism:
- Preparation for the OET exam at short notice.
- Medical English.
- Legal English.
- English for psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists.
- Coaching.
- Wellbeing for study, exam preparation, practice.

- Effective communication.
- Confidence building.
- Support, orientation, settling into the UK clinical environment.
- Dealing with workplace bullying.
- Professional Interview preparation, including to Universities.
- Interview preparation for medical professionals, NHS, America.
- Business/professional English.

Lessons are built around your needs and learning objectives. I set achievable targets that help build your confidence and competence in the areas of English you wish to learn.

- I offer a personal service and supportive learning environment that will hopefully keep you motivated and inspired.

- You will receive continuous feedback on you progress.

- You will get to learn language in context, in other words be able to use it in real life situations that are relevant to your life.

- I create and deliver lessons tailored to your learning style. Whether that be auditory, visual or kinesthetic.

- I offer a holistic approach to teaching.
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Unfortunately, I do not offer OET preparation or assessment in a trial lesson. Please book a one hour lesson. If you are unable to book a one hour lesson, my advice would be to book a pack of 5 lessons, you can move the rest of the lessons to another teacher at any point. Best Wishes
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OET Writing Standardization for Medicine
OET Offcial - Online
Grading students writing against the exam critieria
OET Speaking Standardization for Medicine
OET Official - Online
Grading students speaking against the exam critieria
2018 - 2018
Diploma in Yoga. Anatomy and Physiology.
2014 - 2017
Plymouth University - Plymouth
Bsc Professional Development in Nursing
1999 - 2002
Diploma in Adult Nursing

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2023 - 0
Integrative Counsellor
2002 - 0
Registered Nurse - present
2012 - 0
Freelance Language Teacher - present
General and English for Specific Purposes. Professional English. Medical English for Healthcare Professionals.


2023 - 2024
Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies
The Trauma Institute. Founder and Medical Director Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk - United States
Global Legal English
2012 - 2012
Plymouth University - Plymouth
Cambridge CELTA, English for Speaker of Other Languages