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I do not teach beginner level English.
Over 12,000 English lessons taught and a consistent 5-star rating! Business English, Academic English, Conversational English, English for Travel, Accent Modification, Pronunciation. Learn methods to increase your fluency and accuracy.
YouTube Channel:

EXPERT AI USER: Use technology tools to learn English easier and FASTER. Learn vocabulary for your topic of interest faster. Learn grammar faster. Learn speaking faster. I will show you how specific learning tasks can be personalized, just for you! You can use what you learn more easily, so you spend more time practicing English speaking from texts customized to your needs and interests. In addition, this approach saves you MONEY, because you learn faster!!
Also, if you are in business, I can show you how to use your English vocabulary and AI to transform your raw informaton into captivating narratives to make your findings and message more relatable and persuasive to your audience.

Get started here:
YOUR GOAL: Learn 20 NEW words in English (never seen before words) EVERY DAY. Listen and read widely to discover new words or phrases. Write them down.
New Material daily:
Find meaning daily:
Five ways to improve English speaking
I can turn your real-life stories and experiences into English stories, using YOUR NEW WORDS. I can turn your life stories into English lessons, giving you a personalized, memorable way to brush up on your speaking, listening, reading and vocabulary skills. Studying English becomes 10x more meaningful when it's rooted in your life experiences. I'll show you how to use your own data to personalize your language learning experience, for example your vocabulary building
Learn advanced English idioms: My website
IELTS, TOEFL: To get higher scores on English tests, using idioms are vital.

I can help you to upgrade your speaking skills for both exams:

Read 1st 3 chapters for free
Coffee cup with English IDIOMS


You can LOOK INSIDE and read for free 3 chapters of my ebook on Advanced Idioms for Business Professionals - to get background meaning of English idioms, realistic conversations with idioms, audio, images, so you can practice.
FREE eBook for Native Spanish Speakers - Esential English Idioms for Job Interviews
My profile:
BUSINESS ENGLISH - what's your current level of English?
To find out, take this Placement Test - free:
Business English Placement test:
Common Business English Errors

1. Analyse your English learning needs here:
2. Analyse your English skills here - what you can do, what you can produce when you speak: How to use it here:

BUSINESS POLITENESS - How to persuade others
BUSINESS INTERVIEWING - How to persuade your interviewer
BUSINESS - MAKE GREAT IMPRESSIONS - After the interview, at meetings, in social situations, in presentations, over the phone

How about transforming your resume into proficient English? I can help you with that too! Do you want to translate your stories or blogs or proposals into excellent English? Sign up for my lessons to receive transformation services.

If you want to improve your vocabulary, speaking, and pronunciation, I can help you. Step up your English game with one of the best online language tutors! With over 11,000 classes taught and a consistent 5-star rating, you know you're in good hands. Plus, with 2 Master's degrees and TEFL certification, and wide business experience, you can trust that I have the knowledge and expertise to take you to the next level. Whether you want to improve your skills for work, prepare for language exams, or just up your daily communication game, I've got you covered. With personalized attention, effective teaching methods, and clear learning goals, you'll increase your English fluency. And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home with my convenient online pricing options and flexible scheduling. Don't wait, get ready to soar to new heights in your English language journey with me today!"

Student-focused curriculum design. Flexible, practical, progressive.

Learn to speak English through storytelling.
READ using your voice at home.
TELL stories about your reading
WRITE about those stories.

Develop English skills to learn and speak about the climate crisis.


1) You and I prepare 2)You practice 3) You present

WRITING - Business
I will write or rewrite your resumes, CVs, emails, ad copy descriptions, product descriptions, proposals, and blogs for you.

Let me help you to write clearly;
- create interesting presentations quickly
- upgrade your resume
- structure an email logically
- send invitations
- summarize meeting discussions, minutes of meetings
- set up events
- answer requests
- complain
- make a request for action
- connect your email responses more precisely to the email request
- informal or formal writing

Sample B1 Level Writing Lesson:

Send me a message as to the kind of writing help you need. Send me your writing tasks.

LISTENING - Predicting content, main ideas, details, follow arguments, specific information, summarizing ideas

READING - Critical thinking. Understand meaning from context; apply vocabulary in personalized context; words and definitions,


I work with Intermediate English and Advanced English students to improve their English thinking, speaking, reading and writing, business communication, and professional development.

CHILDREN, TEENAGERS IN SCHOOLS: I guide your reading for fun and we do activities to develop understanding and comprehension, including movement and reading prediction, agree or disagree discussions. I guide children in: vocabulary, grammar, asking questions, persuasive essay writing, narrative writing; claim, evidence and reason writing; writing effective topic sentences; thesis statements; writing several different types of paragraphs; write essay conclusions.

WRITING - Middle School, High School
Can your child write essays or a simple story about a day in school? Let me help your kids improve their writing of essays and stories, with my graphic organizer method.

Types of essays: Cause and effect; persuasive, argumentative; compare and contrast;
- students 11 to 18 years old, Grade 3 and over.
Remember, writing an essay is like writing music. Allow yourself time to rewrite until the essay is correct.
Vocabulary building, and spelling abilities; American TOEFL / TOEIC / IELTS, CAE, BEC Higher exams, American SAT.

WHAT words can you *use correctly*? Are your words in the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels of English proficiency? Find out here:

1) You and I prepare 2)You practice 3) You present

BUSINESS ENGLISH - A STRUCTURED APPROACH: Not only a teacher but a business coach! Business English Communication, presentations, videoconferencing techniques, expressing your opinions to an audience, using English in business, and economics.

LEGAL ENGLISH - LAW: Legal writing and correspondences.

1) You and I prepare 2)You practice 3) You present

SUPPLIER AND SUBCONTRACTOR writing and correspondences.
1) You and I prepare 2)You practice 3) You present

MEDICAL ENGLISH: Interaction with patients, practice for test patients, pronunciation correction. Scroll down to read my background below the student comments.
1) You and I prepare 2)You practice 3) You present

What words can you produce/speak/use correctly?
-Masters of Science Degree, (Applied Linguistics; TESOL),Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages Texas A&M University, 2018
- Masters Degree in Education, Cambridge University, 1992
- Teach English Now! Second Language Reading, Writing, and Grammar 2020
- TEFL certificate 2022 - candidate

-Project Management Professional certificate
-Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) vs. 2 certificate
-Healthcare IT Professional - Clinical and Workflow
-Certified Professional, Electronic Health Record; Health Information Exchange

I specialize in American English pronunciation for various settings such as schools, business, and social situations. Do you want to improve your English for exams like TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS, CAE, BEC Higher? Do you want to help your child excel in grades 5-11 with better reading comprehension and essay writing for SAT tests? Do you need to write better emails and proposals for work? Do you want to enhance your business communication and negotiation skills? Whether you're a doctor, nurse, lawyer, IT engineer, marketer, or university student, I can help you master the English language.

With my background in international business and healthcare IT, I can help you find your voice while practicing English.
I have a Project Management Professional certification, and have worked in information technology and healthcare corporations, both in the USA and the UK. I worked in Paris and all across North America. You can expect to learn the proper use of spoken and written English which is globally acceptable . This may help you to enhance your career options. Schedule a trial session today.

A. TYPES OF CLASSES - Conversation - for a specific purpose or industry or job setting

B. TYPES OF CLASSES - Courses - We follow the curriculum you select, which is further adjusted for your skill level and your specific needs. Please review my courses.

C. TYPES OF CLASSES - Specially designed lesson plans just for you based on an assessment of your English skill levels and the areas you wish to focus on improving, e.g. pronunciation, writing, reading, speaking, presentation skills, negotiations or vocabulary for your job or career.

D. TYPES OF CLASSES - Pronunciation of English as spoken in the United States of America in business. For example, the /TH/ sound must NOT sound like the /D/ sound. Vowel sounds and vowel length. Intonation used in questions and statements of facts and other suprasegmental features.

E. RESEARCH PAPERS - Review of Scientific Research Writing For Non-Native Speakers of English to ensure the paper is well-written and easy to understand, in terms of grammar, punctuation, and style.

Find your skill level here: How to use it here:


IMPROVE YOUR READING SKILL LEVEL . What's your reading level?
Practice easy reading 30 minutes EVERYDAY!
Select LEVEL 0:


I can help you to improve your English for business because I have worked in American and international businesses. You will practice the language which relates to your profession. Do you give presentations in English? Do you lead business meetings with English co-workers? Do you explain information to customers? I can help you succeed using socially appropriate language.

I teach socially appropriate English styles and strategies, English conversations, integrated reading, grammar, vocabulary, and listening and writing skills. You gain confidence by working through the lesson plans. The training curriculum will reflect your preferences in learning, speed of learning, and frequency of online interactions and values.
1) You and I prepare 2)You practice 3) You present

I teach business English conversations at a local college, to professionals who want to succeed. I will help you build your belief in your abilities to succeed by your developing good study habits. I support your studies with exhaustive practice sessions and homework. You will feel your improvement with each practice session. I have been teaching English online for the past 6 years.

My accent is clear and easy to understand.

Keywords: writing, child, legal, law, medicine, medical, interview, preparation, tests, university, business, engineer, computer science, job interview, curriculum, plan, middle school student, teenager, technology, project management, human resources, professor, school, IT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8.

Improve English pronunciation. Business and General English

I live in an environmentally responsible way by recycling 100% of my food wastes and recycling rainwater.


Marie is an excellent teacher and I appreciate her breadth of knowledge. She is a highly educated woman who can hold thoughtful conversations on any topic. Her intelligence and teaching skills make her the ideal instructor for advanced executive-level students.
- Student from Chile
Hey, I hope you enjoy your time off with your family. I just wanted to let you know that I am missing our classes together. You are more than just a teacher. Thank you for all the guidance you provided me throughout the years.
-Sudent from Israel

Thank you Marie ! I'm very lucky to have you!
-Student from France
I cannot wait to talk to you!
Thank you very much Marie. I do appreciate your mental coaching!
-Student from Japan
Hello Marie, I have a piece of good news to share with you!!!
I just got my first MS offer from Cornell Tech, my dream school!!!
I still can not believe it now.
And thank you for helping me with the application document, I won't get AD without your assistance.
I am soooo grateful that I met you on Verbling, and you did help me a lot!!!
-----Student from PRC
Student with whom I worked to develop the graduate admission personal statement:

Have been accepted by the medical school at NYU, Marie! I have to start preparing to move to the United States!
---Student from Japan
At the other hand, I have good news: I am glad to be elected as the "P_______g and R________g Officer" . I successfully passed the public interview session. Thanks to my professor Marie! I successfully used the SPAR technic and story telling.
- Student from Niger
The best teacher ever!
- Student from Chile wrote a review
After interview preparation:
Offer on my table 🙂
Thk for your collaboration
- Business Student from Spain
I take this opportunity to thank your for your support, attention and care. You have a gift to empower your students ! Take care.
--Business Student from France
I have just been invited to a seminar next Monday where I will have to give a presentation in front of many CEOs and of my boss's boss !! I'm a bit scared but I'm also excited ! I think it's a good challenge and I really need your help this week-end to prepare it if it's ok with you
- Business Student from Portugal
Hi Marie, I hope you are doing well during the pandemic. As I have graduated from high school and step into another phase of my life, I would like to express my appreciation to you for all the years of teaching. I hope you can continue to enjoy a job that makes you happy and inspire more people on the road to mastering English.
-Student from China:
Hi Marie, thank you for your great help with my interview. I think I did a great job yesterday. Actually, they changed to speak Chinese in the middle way of the interview, but the questions that we practiced and prepared were still helpful. They may have the second-round interview 1 month later. If I finally get this editor job, I will let you know. Marie, you are the best! Thank you again, I wish you all the best. Please stay safe, healthy and happy everyday:)
(2nd message:
Hey Marie. I got the position! Many thanks! )
Thank you
You are best tutor
- Business Student from Russia
First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the dedication of last year.
The test was very objective on foreign trade. The English question was comprehensive in explaining an export process, I do have to that our classes have helped me a lot! I used many terms and felt safe.
I skipped many positions and got to 21st place. Since there were few vacancies, I did not passed . But last week they called me and I got my dream job!

I apologize for my late return, but should know that your work was essential for my achievement!
- Business Student from Brazil.
I have been putting a 5 star after every classes! You deserve it. Thank you
- Business Student from India
I go the job offer! Thank you so much for your help and support!!!
- Business Student from Japan.
Thank you so much! You have given me so many great advice and helping hand. You have also pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone. My husband has been saying "Marie is awesome!" almost everyday now. I didn't want my decision to move to the States to hold my career, but now I can strive for an even better career thanks to you.
I will definitely be taking more classes with you since I still have a lot to learn from you.
Again, thank you so much for all your help!!!
- Student from Japan.
Hi Marie! Thanks a lot to you for being my English teacher. It´s a privilege to have you as a teacher. We have not known each other for a long time but since we started classes, I have learned a lot with you. I have noticed errors that I had been committing for years and I was not aware of them, because nobody had corrected me before. In addition to all that, I have discovered that communicating in English is not just knowing the whole grammar perfectly and the vocabulary, but it is also the intonation of the words that helps you that the message you are trying to convey is not misunderstanding, and much more I have learned with the little time we know each other. Thanks for your encouragement and for your good advice on life, these help me to see life with different eyes and if there is any obstacle that hinders me from continuing with my path, I will not stop because of it, I will jump it ! 🙂 I hope you continue to be my guide for this long journey that is to learn English and to help me achieve my goals. Thank you so much. Best wishes.....Student from Madrid
Here's my SAT report. Thank you for your years of instructing and assistance for me to achieve this score. - Student from China.
"Thank you very much for your help. You are a wonderful teacher." -- Medical Doctor, Middle East
"Dear Marie!!!! I have passed the exam!!!!! Thank you very much for your great help!!!! Im so thrilled!! However, My grade is not very high, to be honest I passed with 1 point more than the threshold, very efficient 😊😊😊 thank you again!!! Looking forward to our classes!!!! You are the best proficiency teacher ever!!!" - Project Manager from Switzerland
"Dear Marie, thank you very much for your wishes.

In Amsterdam the interview went well, now I have to send to them more materials, and then we will see what will happen.

In the meanwhile, I got an invitation for an interview in _______ on Jan 23 for a position of post doctoral researcher. I will be interview on the project which I submitted _____.

Therefore, I hope you will be able to help me to practice again together!
If you agree, after the Xmas break I will send you some documents which constitute the basis of the interview." -- Ph.D. student from Amsterdam
"I'm studying my mistakes right now. I realized that my problems with prepositions are finally ending. Now, I'm more confident than before to achieve my dreams.
Marie, I'd like to thank you so much!
Let us keep on the learning path. See you next Sunday. (thumsup)" -- IT Engineer from Brazil
"Thanks Marie!

You helped me a lot! My technical interview had just 15 minutes, then we started to talk in Portuguese. Unfortunately, I forgot to record my conversation. But I was confident when I spoke. Next time I'll know how to be well prepared. Continue having classes with you, it will continue improving my English."---IT Engineer from Brazil

Hello Marie,
I was wondering whether you may have an additional spot for me tonight or tomorrow night. I will have a presentation on Wednesday afternoon, and I would like to practice. I am terrible sorry for asking only now, but I was running behind my schedule and I only finished the power point now... What do you think? With thanks, (Business Student from Germany)
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1) Review your specific English improvement goals - 10 min
2) Review your needs analysis form - 5 minutes
3) Review your sample audio (see info in profile) 10 minutes
4) Outline how I can help you, and plans for next lesson 5 minutes
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2015 - 2018
Masters in Applied Linguistics, emphasis TESOL
Texas A & M University
Masters of Science Degree, TESOL
1990 - 1992
Cambridge College
Master's Degree, Education /Management


TEFL - Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
International TEFL Academy - Training Qualifications UK
Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
ITIL ( Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
Dallas, USA
ITIL is a set of detailed practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.
Clinician/Practitioner Consultant, Implementation Manager, Practice Workflow & Information Management Redesign Specialist
HITRC Learning Center, Health Information Management System Society - Chicago, IL 60601-5809
Proficiency in certain health IT workforce roles integral to the implementation and management of electronic health information
Project Management Professional (PMP)
Project Management Professional
2022 - 2022
Teaching Business English Course Completion Certificate
International TEFL Academy - 916 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614
Business English needs and job analysis, One-on-One Business English

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