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Salam & welcome dear learners.
An experienced teacher who loves what she teaches can make the learning process easy & joyful. The result is your fast progress!
Are you ready to learn Persian with the most experienced teacher on Verbling? I've led more than 2000 hours in teaching nearly 300 students from all age groups & at all levels. I’ve been teaching Farsi since 2014, I am the first teacher of Persian on Verbling who suggested adding it to their languages list.

Did you plan to learn Persian for a long time & have already tried different teachers & methods, but finally gave up on learning?
I have an answer to why it did not work before. Simply because you did not have an experienced teacher, who has access to plenty of material for any age and level!

As for me, if you are an absolute beginner & want to learn the alphabet, it’s quite ok to help you. My students usually read & write Farsi in less than a month. How? The secret is my experience, providing adequate material including a well-prepared book. So you learn the letters while practicing them in new words. So you finish learning all 32 letters while learning plenty of useful words. My students believe that we have a fast hence absolutely effective pace in our classes.

The next stage is the lower intermediate level, where I prepare a material on G.Drive for you to let you track your study plan & progress while having access to new books, conversations, vocabulary, picture descriptions, podcasts & audiobooks. If you agree, essay writing & watching movies and TV series are provided for the upper intermediate level.
Students of advanced level or those who want to pass Farsi exams at university or to obtain certificates have separate study plans. Poetry reading & learning Persian ancient & contemporary poetry are part of our higher study plans.

If you are from a Persian-speaking family & like to improve your language in order to easily communicate with friends & relatives, here is the right place for you. I help you to make your dream come true!

I am the writer of 12 books on learning the Farsi language based upon my experience in the classes, so I assure you not to lack material & exercises to speak Farsi fluently.
I’m proud to announce that some of the students who began learning Persian with me on Verbling are at an advanced level after covering a hundred lessons plan & aiming to explore more in Persian art, culture, history & literature.

Can’t wait to meet you in our trial lesson, where we can share a bit more & make an appropriate study plan for you. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
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In our trial lesson we will:
Evaluate your current language level
Introduce the method we use during the course
Talk about how to access the material
Shape the basics of our lesson plan
Learn the first lesson which will be continued
Explain how to book lessons and make changes if needed
Ask and answer any questions remained

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2004 - 2008
Tehran University- Bachelor degree
Tehran University - Tehran-Iran
Bachelor degree

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Author of books on learning Persian language from A1 to B2
2013 - 2023
Persian Language Tutor
Focus on fluency in Farsi for international students
2010 - 2020
Book editor and translator
10 years of cooperation with magazines and publishers
2005 - 2015
ESL and IELTS (GT and AC)
Certified TTC English teacher for IELTS exam.