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Hello, my name is Sonja and I am originally from South Africa. I lived in England for ages but I live in Portugal now! I am crazy about art, dogs, cycling and travelling! In 2020 I went on a crazy adventure cycling trip across Costa Rica! I have my eye on a Cambodia cycle trip for 2022..... I speak fluent Portuguese and a fair bit of German.

I teach focused General English classes using dynamic, engaging content that will help you to build your vocabulary and gain confidence with speaking English. I specialize in helping you take your English skills to the next level with personalised English coaching with proven results!

I have a London background in corporate banking which is a huge plus for me with teaching business English. I teach focused Business English classes based on student needs analysis to students working for multinationals in areas such as banking, supply chain management, the oil industry and IT.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Education plus a 300 Hour TEFL Diploma and I am a native English speaker with slight South African accent. I left my corporate job in investment banking to become a teacher and I am so glad I did. I find teaching to be a truly rewarding occupation and it really does not feel like a job to me at all.

I am a Certified IELTS exam Coach for IELTS Reading, Speaking, Listening + IELTS Writing coaching. I have 16 + years of formal ESL classroom experience and I have taught around 3000 online English Proficiency lessons to students from around the world over the past 3 years.

I provide dynamic, engaging content and fast paced lessons matched to your CFR level and we will work on improving areas of vocabulary, listening skills via audio recordings or short video presentations and worksheet content in the online classroom that gets you thinking about new sets of vocabulary words and how to use them in context. There is plenty of opportunity for discussion and for you to practice your conversational skills as well as error and pronunciation correction!

If you would like homework you can pick a homework option!
Lesson plans are uploaded before each lesson and you can go into the classroom anytime to access the lesson materials after the class.

I love how teaching inspires one to keep learning and improve!
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i -to-i TEFL - United Kingdom
60 hour Certificate in IELTS Exam coaching
BSc STEM Open University
Open University - Milton Keynes UK
Science and Teaching
2019 - 2019
300 hour TEFL Diploma
i-to-i TEFL - United Kingdom
Teaching English as a Foreign Language Diploma
2018 - 2018
Columbia Teachers College - EDSCI1x Columbia Teacher College on Edx
The Science of Teaching What Every Teacher Should Know

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IELTS Exam Coach and Career Focused Conversation Class Tutor
Cambly Online English Tutoring
IELTS exam coaching, career focused Business English, conversation class tutor
2020 - 2021
Business English Teacher
Busuu Live - Online
Business English for Corporate Clients
2005 - 2011
ESL Teacher
The English Academy - Portugal
ESL teacher