Top 5 Tips for Success in IELTS Academic Writing

How to achieve a score of 7+ in your Academic Writing Task 1


Here are my Top 5 Tips for getting a high score when describing a chart or graph.


Number 1.

Make sure you use lots and lots of linking words. Linking words join up all of the separate parts of your writing and make it coherent. Without including linking words you will not achieve a high score.

Number 2.

You cannot achieve a high score in your IELTS exam without using some less common vocabulary. Everybody learns and uses the same basic vocabulary such as 'rise' and 'fall', but you need to include words that not everyone can use such as 'plummet', 'rocketed', 'surged' or 'fluctuate'. You also need to use Collocations or everyday expressions to impress the examiners.

Number 3.

Use Adjectives and Adverbs effectively. Every Verb should have a corresponding Adverb and every Noun should be described with at least one Adjective.

Number 4.

Use good sentence structure to show the examiner that you understand grammar rules and how to a sentence should be written. You don't need to know complex grammar rules, just follow some simple structures and keep it simple.

Subject + Verb + Adverb

There was/were + Adjective + Noun

Number 5.

Remember that when you write, the subject of your sentence is always the Number, Quantity or Amount from the chart and that in the majority of cases your verb tenses should always be in the Past.

I hope these tips help you on your way to IELTS success.

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