English is more important than ever if you want to get ahead at work and make an impact. Improving your business English vocabulary and cultural knowledge will help your career and open up many more opportunities for you.

However, what exactly is business English and how does it differ from normal English?

Let’s take a look at some examples of what business English actually is. Imagine that you work for an international engineering company and your role requires you to communicate regularly with colleagues, suppliers and customers globally. To do your job effectively, you need to use some English vocabulary that describes work processes, your products capabilities or even greeting customers in a formal manner.
Now imagine that you work as a lawyer and your company has offices in several large cities around the world.

Again, to work effectively and efficiently, you will need to be able to communicate using vocabulary that describes your work and processes. These words will probably be very different from those used in an engineering company, especially those words relating specifically to the law. However, there will be some overlap between the two different situations.

If you would like to know more about Business English, I have created a series of Podcasts with extra practice materials to help you get started.


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