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1:1 lessons or group?

5 years ago
Some people have been asking about group classes. I teach groups and 1:. Those in 1:1 learn faster and eventually spend less money on lessons. Here are some reasons why I think 1:1 lessons are better than group lessons.

· you have all the teachers attention
· you study what is relevant to you and your life/work,
· you can talk about things you might not want to share in a group
· you don´t have to waste time going over things you understand
· there is time to go over things you don´t understand
· the teacher learns your style of learning and adapts to it - everyone learns differently
· you can schedule lessons that fit just your schedule
· you save money because you need less lessons
· you will learn faster

Learning in a group may be useful for some business students. Once they have an intermediate level (B1 upwards) they can benefit from a group by practicing listening to different accents, or business skills like being assertive in a meeting.

I hope this may help some of you make your decision. :)

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