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15 Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs for Computers and Technology

5 years ago
Phrasal verbs are commonly used in everyday English. Here are 15 of the most commonly used phrasal verbs.

Back-up to make another copy and store it in a safe place
Log-in to enter your name and password into the computer or a website
Log out / off to exit from your computer or a websit
Boot-up to start the computer
Scroll up/down to move slowly up or down the page
Click-on to move the mouse over a button or object and click on it
Plug in to insert the plug into the power socket
Key in or Put in. to type the word/ number or code into the computer
Pop-up something that appears suddenly on the screen. This often relates to ads popping up on the screen
Power up to start the computer
Print out to make a paper copy of something from a computer
Shut down to turn off the computer
Turn on /off to start to or  close down the computer
Set up to put together pieces of the hardware for the computer
Pull down to click on a word or function that open a list of options.
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