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5 Ways to Offer your Condolences in Spanish

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5 Ways to Offer your Condolences in Spanish

Sometimes, when something terrible happens it's hard for us to find the proper words to express our empathy to other people. Today, I'm sharing with you 5 different sentences you can use in Spanish to say that you are sorry and to show your empathy.

1. Te/Le acompaño en el sentimiento (my deepest sympathy)

This one is used when we speak with someone who has lost a loved one. If this person is an acquaintance or relative, we will use "te" (tú) and if the person who suffered the loss is an elderly person, then we'll use "le" (usted).

2. Lo siento mucho / muchísimo (I'm really sorry for your loss)

If the relationship is much closer (for example, our partner or first-degree relatives or even our best friends) then maybe we are experiencing the pain and sorrow as well.

3. Mi / Nuestro más sentido pésame or Mis / Nuestras condolencias por la muerte de... (my / our sincere condolences)

This one is maybe a bit more formal. Normally it is used by personalities when addressing public messages if a famous person dies (or a celebrity's relative).

4. ¡Ánimo! Estoy aquí para lo que haga falta / para lo que necesites (Cheer up! I'll be by your side)

This one is used when you want to offer your support to the other person because he/she is probably your best friend or close relative.

5. Entiendo por lo que estás pasando (I know what you are going through)

This one can also be used in hard times that don't involve someone's death. You show your empathy to the other person so he/she understands that they are not alone and they can share their feelings with you. Maybe you have experienced a similar situation in the past so you can help or advise them in some way or another.

Well, so that's all for now. I hope you found this useful.

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