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A Great Polish Movie!

2 months ago
This week I have another piece of news for you from the Polski Daily!

Today, I have a movie recommendation for the weekend for you! Polish cinematography is getting better and better every year! This film is available on Netflix from September 2019. And if you’re facing problems with finding Polish productions over there, my advise is to install a VPN – this way you can change the IP of your computer to Poland and see all of the Polish content on Netflix! ;)

Madga (in this role – the amazing Julia Kijowska) is a wife of Oskar (an outstanding brilliant actor Łukasz Simlat!), but behind his back she’s seeing Kacper (another very talented man – Bartłomiej Topa). The guys are friends and colleagues, they both work together as miners. „The Iron Bridge” starts from the information, that there has been an accident in the mine and Oskar is stuck underground, completely cut off. We don’t even know if he’s still alive. It was Kacper – his boss - who’s sent him down there that day. And instead of being under the ground in the mine himself, he slipped out for his love tryst with Magda...

You can say it’s a classic love triangle movie, but I think it would be too simplifying. It’s also a film on friendship, betrayal, and also, a tragedy of a man stuck underground. A film on uncertainty. The remorse of the main characters and the tension of the rescue mission make this terrible cold feeling in your stomach and they keep you in suspense until the very last minute!

This production is a directorial debut of Monika Jordan-Młodzianowska and the reviewers point out some of her mistakes, but I think she’s going to be super successful. You can see many very ingenious shots in the movie, that help you get inside the characters’ world and „build the emotions”. The camera is also very sensual when it comes to showing the two lovers and generally speaking, it’s very sensual every time when Julia Kijowska is on screen. Above all that, all of the 3 main characters are played by truly genius Polish artists!
What more can we want? Let me know if you liked the movie!