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Accent Reduction and American English Sounds.

5 years ago

Accent Reduction and American English Sounds.

Correct pronunciation is a basis for efficient communication in English as in any other language. Proper pronunciation can be defined as a reproduction of language sounds in such a way that the intended message is passed easily, and is properly understood by a fluent speaker of the language in question.

Bad pronunciation can result in a failure to convey the message and can cause troubles in communication (for example, pronouncing “this” with a long vowel can result in the word being understood as “these.”

Certainly, in your one opportunity, your English pronunciation can make a bad impression and bad English pronunciation can ruin your one chance. People making pronunciation mistakes and having strong accents are often perceived as less intelligent or illiterate. This can affect their chances of getting a promotion or better job opportunities.

Except that your “only” interactions in English are in writing, being able to read and write English is not enough. I stress the importance of understanding English sounds. If you do not understand English sounds you will have difficulty understanding as well as speaking them, and thus, oral communication in English will have you stupefied.

Learning the sounds of English along with English Intonation, rhythm, volume, and pitch of your pronunciation are key to properly conveying your message.

I am convinced most learners will benefit from well produced, recorded mp3 audio lessons when the audio lessons are accompanied by a trained speech specialist coaching the learner to perfect the sounds. The Learner will use the mp3 audio recordings as practice vocal exercises.

There are only 44 American English sounds. Likely, fewer than 10 of the 44 stand between you and you being able to speak and comprehend English. How many hours of mp3 listening and repeating practice should it take to master one English sound – about 5 or 10 hours. How many hours should you have to be coached by an English speech Specialist to master a sound – about 2 hours.

And you have not started yet?

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