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All Levels - My 5 Top Tips for Language Learners using discussions in the Community

4 years ago
Hi Everyone,

Here are some tips (advice) to help you use the Verbling Community discussions to practice your English. I hope you find them helpful!

  1. Don't be Shy - If you like a discussion and you are interested in the topic, try to participate. A good teacher should give questions in the discussions to help students know how to participate. Answer the questions if you can.
  2. Corrections - Discussions can be a great learning tool, especially if you get feedback and corrections. Find and follow teachers who offer feedback and corrections of your posts in their discussions, or ask teachers for feedback and corrections. For example, at the end of your post write something like " Can you correct my grammar in this post?"
  3. Follow Good Teachers - There are many great teachers on Verbling, and they all use the discussions in the community differently. If you find a teacher whose discussions and posts you like, follow that teacher by visiting their profile and clicking on 'Follow' over their introduction video. (Please note - since writing this post, this feature has been removed from the Verbling platform.)
  4. Be active and Make Mistakes! - Verbling is a language learning platform. People are on this platform to learn languages and to teach languages. Don't be scared of being judged when you make mistakes - the good ones never judge because they understand what education is all about. Moreover, don't be scared of making mistakes. Mistakes can bring about wonderful things! Be active and use the tools in the community to develop your English language skills. A language is a skill. It is something you must practice everyday if you want to get better at it. It is similar to learning an instrument or playing sport. A good teacher can coach you, guide you and instruct you, but a teacher cannot do the work for you.
  5. Practice and Take Note - If teachers invite you to practice vocabulary in their discussions, use the opportunity to learn. Take note of the vocabulary, take note of your practice of the vocabulary, and take note of the feedback you get from the teacher. Put these notes in a vocabulary notebook. This is a great way of learning new vocabulary and how to use it.

So these are my 5 top tips for using the discussions in the Verbling Community. If you like my tips, please give this discussion a 👍 or a + reaction so other learners can find it easily 😄

Have you any tips you can add?

How do you use the discussions?

What do you like most in a discussion?

All English language learners are welcome to reply below. I will correct your vocabulary and grammar in your reply. If you do not want corrections, just write - There's no need to correct my vocabulary and grammar - at the end of your post.

I look forward to reading your responses!
Dee 😄