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“AND” in Russian: Difference Between И and А; also НО (But) | Russian Comprehensive

2 months ago
How do you say “AND” in Russian?
Is it "и" or "а"?

It MIGHT seem a weird question;
In most cases, you’ll be using "и" to say "and", I guess, but then, when do you use "а"?

Я говорЮ по-англИйски И по-испАнски
Я говорЮ по-англИйски, А мой друг говорИт по-испАнски

And let’s compare them to НО:
Я не говорЮ по-англИйски, НО говорЮ по-испАнски

If I had to put it in just a couple of words, I’d say:
И: similarity; Comparing 2 things w/ similar properties
А: juxtaposition; Comparing 2 things w/ different properties
НО: contradiction, contrast; Excluding smth in favor of smth else

That’s a quick explanation, in the video, we'll get into more detail with a number of examples
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