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中文里的地道表达语 Authentic spoken expressions in Chinese

3 years ago
If I knew you would like to go, I would go too. (Quasi= certain.)

2 我要一杯咖啡,你来点什么? (来=买)
I want a cup of coffee, what would you like? (Come = buy)

3 我觉得他其它方面都不错,就是个子不太理想。 (个子=身高)
I think he is pretty good in other aspects, but he is not ideal. (Length = height)

4 请你正面回答我的问题。 (正面=直接)
Please answer my question directly. (Front = direct)

I accidentally caught a cold last night. (get cold = catch cold)

Today is for an interview, you have to dress decently. (Decent = Spirit)