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Best podcasts in French

4 years ago
Bonjour everybody!

I recently became addicted (complètement accro) to podcasts and I've discovered a lot of amazing contents that could help you practice your listening skills in French and learn a lot of things at the same time. So as a French Teacher I had to share my three favorites with you.

OLI: https://www.franceinter.fr/culture/podcast-oli-des-histoires-du-soir-a-ecouter-avec-nos-enfants-de-5-a-7-ans => If you're nostalgic and you miss the bedtime stories, OLI podcast is made for you. The best children stories read by the most famous French writers. 10 min --> level Intermediate

TRANSFERT: http://www.slate.fr/podcasts/#transfert Immerse yourself in the most intimate secrets that Lara, Serge, Mathieu, Hugo, and many others have lived and let them tell you their story the way they experienced it. Go deep into their feelings, close your eyes and get used to the new voice that is talking to you during each episode 40 min => level Intermediate-advanced

CHOSES À SAVOIR : https://www.chosesasavoir.com/ You're curious about everything and you always ask yourself the dumbest questions. Well this podcast will provide you all the answers you've ever wished for in less than 3 min (transcription available) => all levels

What about you, quel est ton podcast préféré?
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