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Business English: Coined expressions

6 years ago
The business world regularly coins or invents new words and expressions to describe new ideas or activities. Try using these examples in context or writing your own sentences:

- “Bottom line”: The most important information (originates from the last line in an audit, showing profit and loss).

- “Core competency”: A particular expertise or specialty.

- “Best practice”: An activity or procedure that produces superior results.

- “Team player”: A person who works well with others and helps create smooth and efficient work dynamics.

- “Credit crunch”: A period when there is a sharp reduction in the availability of finance from banks and other financial institutions.

- “Information overload”: the state of having too much information to be able to make a decision.

Start using these coined expressions and your business English will improve greatly. If you want to work more on your business English, please schedule a trial lesson. Enjoy!