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Business Vocabulary: Collocations with “set”

5 years ago
Many nouns can be used in collocations with “set”: agenda, record, course, scene, date, standard, deadline, target, task, example, goal, tone, limit, trap, precedent, trend.


- The HR Director has set a target for this year: reduce recruitment costs by at least 10%.

- We have to arrange a meeting in the next few weeks, but we have not set a date yet.

- If supervisors don’t set a deadline for their staff, their productivity might be lower.

- A Japanese company has recently banned the use of cell phones outside break periods and it seems this could set an example for other companies to follow.


Replace the underlined phrases in the following sentences with an appropriate collocation with set and another word from the above list (with the article “a”/“an” or “the” when necessary):

1. Candidates were put into teams that were given the job of designing a new training program for manual workers.

2. As a result of the new stress reduction initiative, we’ve put in our best ever performance with absenteeism at just 5%.

3. It will be impossible to introduce all of the government ‘s new employment guidelines simultaneously, so we need to decide which ones we will introduce and in what order.

Start using these collocations and your English will improve greatly. If you want to improve your business English, please schedule a trial lesson. Enjoy!

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