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Can you make the following sentences grammatically correct?

2 years ago
1.  Peter didn't want to accept the invitation so he _________ to be ill.
  A.  claimed   B.  announced   C.  pretended   D.  imitated

2.  David _____________ to relax on the weekend.
  A.  enjoys   B.  would rather   C.  likes better   D.  prefers

3.  Tom ______________ to come home early.
  A.  remember her   B.  succeeded   C.  is looking forward   D.  reminded her

4.  She ____________ to see him in the car park.
  A.  remembered   B.  could succeed   C.  happened   D.  doesn't forget

5.  My boss ____________ for the bad results.
  A.  blamed me   B.  accused me   C.  complained   D.  was disappointed

6.  The manufacturer _____________ to meet the client..
  A.  was refusing   B.  was willing   C.  doesn't accept   D.  looks forward

7.  She __________ to live in the country.
  A.  enjoys   B.  used   C.  is used   D.  would rather

8. They succeeded __________________ the report in time for the meeting.
  A.  to send   B.  by completing   C.  in finishing   D.  to provide