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change the translation by the description

2 years ago
One of the first techniques that I ask my students to develop, It's the description of new words. The idea is that when you want to say a word in Spanish that you don't know or remember, instead of using the translation to say that word to your teacher, use the description, you can for example use other words that describe the word you want to say, or use images. Example: What word can I use for when a mother gives food to her child? A: Feed. In this way, your mind will begin to get used to relating words to a description, instead of memorizing it as a translation. By memorizing it as a translation, it will be harder for you to remember it and speak fluently, but by memorizing it with a description you will begin to think in Spanish and you will be able to use this word in many contexts more fluently. I hope this advice will be very useful.