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Choose Your Words Wisely (and complete these sentences)

5 years ago
1. Her salary is higher than mine ____________ we do the same work.
A although
B despite
C however

2. It must be finished before tomorrow __________ long it takes.
A whatever
B no matter
C however

3. The rule applies to all employees __________ of their position.
A whatever
B irrespective
C inconsiderate
4. It will take place outdoors, __________ it rains or not.
A if
B in spite of
C whether

5. He organized the trip ___________ of the danger.
A regardless
B inattentive
C remindless
6. You must attend the meeting ____________ he'll be very annoyed.
A otherwise
B nevertheless
C unless

7. The country is at war. ______________ it is underdeveloped.
A Additionally
B Furthermore
C As well

8. Nobody was listening anymore; __________ the recital continued.
A notwithstanding
B regardless
C nevertheless