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Chunking : Speak Smoothly and Quickly

2 years ago

When I was learning Chinese, my teacher taught me how to "chunk" words together in a sentence. This way, I wouldn't say a sentence one word at a time; instead, I was able to speak smoothly without pausing.

"Chunking" is the act of combining words together as a phrase to seamlessly connect them. Chunking helps your spoken language flow smoothly without having a staggered or choppy rhythm.

For example, a beginner English learner might speak like this: ( a / slash a pause)
"Hi. My name/ is/ ___. It is/ nice to/ meet/ you."

Instead, the learner can practice chunking to get used to the rhythm and flow (or cadence) of English:
"Hi. My name is / _____. It is nice / to meet you." There are much less pauses in this sentence! The rhythm and flow of the learner's speaking will become more natural and less forced.

So, instead of trying to speak each word one at a time, practice chunking and phrasing your words to speak more smoothly.

Don't give up!

Fellow teachers and tutors, let's aim for the gold!
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