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COLORS OF RUSSIAN RAINBOW (and how Russians memorize them)

4 years ago

Rainbow is always something beautiful and positive. This is one of the symbols of happiness, I think. And colors are an important part of it!

Радуга - rainbow

We have one useful phrase to learn the colors of the rainbow: “Каждый охотник желает знать, где сидит фазан.” - Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting.
  • Каждый - Красный - Red
  • охотник - оранжевый - orange
  • желает - жёлтый - yellow
  • знать - зелёный - green
  • где - голубой - light blue (like old mom jeans)
  • сидит - синий - dark blue
  • фазан - фиолетовый - violet

In fact the rainbow consists of a huge number of colors, but the human eye can distinguish these basic 7 colors.

I’ll write the basic colors and some of their shades next time! :)