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column of bundled nerves

4 years ago
What is the "column of bundled nerves"?
"But the column of bundled nerves that runs down the spine of this story is not just that Trump took over $400 million from his father and lied for decades about having built some sort of business empire on his own when really what he was doing for decades was just cashing his dad`s checks, the stuff that rings like a bell in this reporting, not just for what you might have thought about Donald Trump in the past, but for him now, it`s not just about the lying and the false public persona that became his political persona when he decided to turn it into that. The tough stuff here is about crime. It`s about potential criminal fraud and criminal tax evasion and being on the hook for that even now. That`s next." Source: http://www.msnbc.com/transcripts/rachel-maddow-show/2018-10-03