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Common mistakes in English from German Speakers \o/

a year ago
Hi ya! Most Germans I know speak good to great English, but you know what? They rarely think so. Most say "na ja, es geht" (not really, it's ok) when they are complimented by me. Maybe they get a bit shy when they learn I teach English... Oh well, I'm a nice teacher, I promise! I don't bite! haha

But I was thinking about some mistakes I've seen Germans make throughout the years and thought I'd share some over here with you guys.

For starters, they are always saying "to make party" when they actually mean "to party" because in German that is the expression. It actually makes sense, no? Whatever fun we have, most of the time it's about making it happen, so making a party with whatever social gathering you are in seems a good fit!

Also, using "in the night" instead of "at night" is very common... Personally I think it sounds even better. Maybe not better, but more poetic for sure, what do you think? Say one could write something like: "When I saw her in the night, all dressed in red underneath the shining stars..." haha, got carried away a bit, sorry.

"In the near" is also a cute mistake I've heard over and over for "close to" or "nearby", because that's just how you say it in German (in der Nähe)... =)

Aaaaand last but not least, the mispronunciation of the letter "V". For many Germans it is very hard to say some words clearly such as "Visiting" and "uniVersity". That's one I particularly make fun of my friends with because it is SO typical and SO cute! But I only make fun of friends, not of students, I promise!!! =)

And how about you, any mistakes from German speakers that come to mind?? Let me know!