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Connection Problems over the past few months

3 years ago
Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, the problems on Verbling have become too often and have made it impossible for me to give classes correctly.

I have reported the issue multiple times, I've sent screenshots of the errors in the Developer window, I've tried changing from Chrome to Firefox, I've connected with support on a call and they saw that my connection was fine, and over the last 2 days, I've had to reschedule every single class I had because I cannot connect.

Connecting to Skype and Zoom have shown no problems, yet when I tell this to the support team, they say they don't recommend trying Skype or Zoom because, of course - I understand, those are different platforms and I guess they see them as some sort of competition.

Issues I'm experiencing:

1. The text I write in the textpad often disappears, and I have to rewrite it.
2. The video freezes, delay in audio, student can't hear me but I can hear them (my audio is configured correctly).
3. I often see "Waiting for the student to join", but the student sees "Waiting for the teacher to join", so we're both in the lesson waiting for each other to join.
4. The student gets disconnected, then the screen goes black.
5. I'm in a lesson now and not even the student can connect.

The list goes on. At first I thought it was because of the lockdown, the servers weren't prepared for it, so I understood, but after this amount of time, I don't understand it.

Is anyone else having these problems? I don't see any complaints here, but I've talked with other teachers and they've confirmed that they're also experiencing the same issues.

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