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Cultural Insights

4 years ago
  1. Do you think language and culture can be separated?
  2. What aspects of general English / business English culture do you enjoy learning about?
  3. When you think of "culture" what comes to mind?
  4. Do you think your society has culture, or lacks culture?
  5. How has time changed your culture, modern culture, your national culture?

When I start a sentence with "English people..." sometimes I feel like I'm telling my students a story, what I know they want to hear: cups of tea, fish & chips, polite and reserved, my childhood was similar to that of Harry Potter. It's true up to a point, but every individual is a universe and there are many who do not conform. Just because something is cultural doesn't mean it's typical or permanent or even completely true, though there may be elements of truth in it.

Let me know what aspects of your culture/ language you love / hate. Have things changed a lot over the years? If you read books by modern authors what are the differences with older books?

It's good to communicate, get the discussion going and share your thoughts.