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do everybody every day to work out? 大家每天都去锻炼身体吗?

4 years ago
i m not everyday(每天) to work out(锻炼身体),i think one reason is lazy(懒),other reason is i think i m busy (忙)。
每 --every 天---day
do u have a plan to work out each(每) week? if u have ,can u share to me(我)?

so from monday to sunday in chinese is
周一 周二 周三 周四 周五 周六 周日
星期一 星期二 星期三 星期四 星期五 星期六 星期日
礼拜一 礼拜二 礼拜三 礼拜四 礼拜五 礼拜六 礼拜天
this is very different of english,why chinese have many different express,because chinese's history and culture,if curious can ask me