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Do Online Teachers Need to Dress Professionally?

5 years ago
What Is “Dressing Professionally?

Dressing professionally, is certainly a relative term. What is considered professional for some might be overdressed or under-dressed for others. Perhaps, the question should be revised from professionally dressed to appropriately dressed, and being appropriate might change depending on several influences.

Institution dress code policies, personal taste and preference, teaching assignment, community norms, individual income levels and even climate concerns, will influence what is “being professionally or appropriately dressed.

An administrator may need to appear more formal, an English teacher more professorial, and a gym teacher ready to be on the move. An art teacher needs his smock and a science teacher her safety goggles.

So, how about online teachers, do you think we should have a professional or appropriate dress code? Do you think how a teacher dresses for their online classes has any bearing on a student's learning? Is it OK for online teachers to show up for class in their pajamas or looking like they just woke up.

Does it really make any difference at all how a teacher looks as long as they give the student her/his hour of teaching?

Students? Teachers? Any opinion on this?