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"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson

6 年前
Acknowledge the Totality of Your Being

"Zorba the Greek was said to have described himself as "the whole catastrophe". The truth is, we're all the whole catastrophe, only we wish that we weren't. We deny the facts of ourselves that we deem unacceptable rather than accessing the fact that we're all less than perfect". 

"One of the reasons it's important to accept all aspects of yourself is that it allows you to be easier on yourself, more compassionate. When you act or feel insecure, rather than pretending to be "together," you can open to the truth and say to yourself, "I'm feeling frightened and that's okay." If you're feeling a little jealous, greedy or angry, rather than deny or bury your feelings, you can open to them, which helps you move through them quickly and grow beyond them".