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"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson

3 years ago
Lighten Up

"These days it seems that almost all of are too serious. My older daughter often says to me, "Daddy, you've got that serious look again". Even those of us who are committed to non seriousness are probably too serious. People are frustrated and uptight about virtually everything --- being five minutes late, having someone else show up five minutes late, in traffic, witnessing someone look at us the wrong way or say the wrong thing, paying bills, waiting in line, overcooking a meal, making an honest mistake --- you name it, we all lose perspective over it". 

"The root of being uptight is our unwillingness to accept life as being different., in any way, from our expectations. Very simply, we want things to be a certain way but they're not a certain way. Life is simply as it is".