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"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson

6 years ago
Keep Asking Yourself, "What's Really Important?"

"It's easy to get lost and overwhelmed in the chaos, responsibilities, and goals of life. Once overwhelmed, it's tempting to forget about and postpone that which is most near and dear to your heard. I've found that it's helpful to keep asking myself, "What's really important?".

"As part of my early morning routine, I take a few seconds to ask myself this question. Reminding myself of what's really important helps me  keep my priorities straight. It reminds me that, despite my multitude of responsibilities, I have a choice of what is most important in my life and where I put my greatest amount of energy -- being available for my wife and children, writing, practicing my inner work and so forth".

"Despite the appearance of being overly simplistic, I have found this strategy to be immensely helpful in keeping me on track".