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embroidery vs masterclass

a month ago
What would you choose E or F? 
I would have chosen F because it says 'embroidery' in the text. Masterclasses are probably different from workshops.
Does this shop ...
"E provides masterclasses
F serves those interested in sewing
A shop in Islington is dedicated to the age-old pastimes of knitting and embroidery. A large range of hand-dyed wools decorate the walls and shelves, as well as evidence of what can be made from it (toys, shawls, little knits). Of course Loop also stocks the tools needed to make these items. The shop hosts regular beginner to advanced workshops to teach the necessary skills. Friendly and knowledgeable shop assistants are more than happy to assist you in exploring the shop." (taken from ZNO TEST https://erudyt.net/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2021/04/probne-zno-2021-english.pdf)