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Én Gábor vagyok. És te ki vagy? - Tips to help you start learning Hungarian - Part 1 (210625)

2 years ago
Sziasztok! Gábor vagyok. Magyar vagyok. Nem tanuló vagyok, hanem tanár. 24 éves vagyok, Budapestről. (Try guessing what these sentences mean, the solution is at the end of the article.) 🙂

See? This is how easy communicating can be. Of course, there are more sophisticated ways to share information about yourself and your life, but for a student who is only starting to use a language, it is just enough. You only win by concentrating on sentences like these in the beginning: you are using the language while having meaningful conversations with others. Just pack yourself up with some nouns (e.g. nationalities, professions), adjectives (e.g. appearances or moods) and question words (e.g. ki?, mi?, hogy?), and you can start speaking!

You only need to know some rules, without even focusing on grammar. Just have some example sentences in your mind to communicate with someone using Hungarian:
I am ... . (Én) ... vagyok. Én boldog vagyok.
Are you ... ? (Te) ... vagy? Hogy vagy?
I am not ... . (Én) nem vagyok ... . Nem vagyok szomorú.
You are not ... . (Te) nem vagy ... . Te nem vagy mérges.

It seems to be limited, but when you are using Hungarian for the first time, it is important for you to actively use the language to get some practice and be more confident when speaking. Later, you will definitely learn new words and expressions, to make your speech more colorful. If you add some words to connect sentences with each other, your speech or writing can feel more natural - which will be the topic of my next article.

What is your opinion? Can speaking a language from scratch be this easy?

I am looking forward to reading your comments. Until next time, stay tuned and have a blissful day. 🙂

⭐️ PS: If you would like to start learning Hungarian, I also offer lessons for students. Make sure to check my profile. 🙂

Solution: Hi all. I am Gábor. I am Hungarian. I am not a student, but a teacher. I am 24 years old from Budapest.