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Expanding your vocabulary

a year ago
There is a link between vocabulary and occupational success. People with high scores on vocabulary tests are significantly more likely to obtain high-level positions in the workplace.

The richer your vocabulary the more accomplished you will become in communicating nuances and ideas, and in understanding new lines of thought and reason.

Vocabulary is the best foundation for communication, so here are a few tips to boost your vocabulary skills.

1. Read widely.
Don't stick to the same books you usually read, challenge yourself by exploring new topics.

2. Use a new word every day.
By using a new word in conversation you will remember it, as it will start to become part of your active vocabulary.

3. If you aren't sure what a word means ask.
It is NORMAL to feel embarrassed when someone uses a word that you don't recognize, but it is the perfect opportunity to learn something new.

I have often wondered why we all suffer thru the embarrassment of making mistakes, and soon after realized that this gives us the opportunity to grow as we develop in skill. Mistakes are only ever a waist if we do not use the opportunity of the mistake as guidance/correction.

Embarrassment should not be the focus, we all fall short some times.
The pursuit of knowledge is a lifetime journey we only fail when we stop the pursuit.

Have a Verbtastic time learning and expanding your language skills, best of luck.