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Expressions in Spanish with food! / Expresiones en español con comida!

5 years ago
Would you like to know some typical Spanish expressions with food? we have loads, just like in English and in many other languages!

Today, I'd like to write down some expressions with the word "milk" ( "leche" in Spanish).
I hope you all find them funny. Who would have know that milk would have so manny connotations in Spanish!

- Ser la leche. = To be 'the bomb' (Literal translation= to be the milk)
We would use it to describe how someone or something is amazing, with sentences like "¡Eres la leche!" (you're the bomb!) or "¡Ese concierto fue la leche!" (that gig was amazing!). So, in other words, milk is used as a sinonym of great, incredible, amazing, etc.
I've heard in British English the word 'banging' for this kind if contexts, could you tell me if it's true? could you give another examples? :)

- Tener mala leche / Estar de mala leche.= To be in a bad mood. (Literal translation= to be in a bad milk)
Here we would translate mala leche (bad milk) as a bad mood, but careful here: tener mala leche and estar de mala leche are very similar but don't exactly mean the same thing. "Tener mala leche", with the verb "tener" (to have), means that someone normally is a bad tempered person, that is naturally a grumpy person. With the verb "estar" instead, it would mean that someone is in a bad mood in that moment.

- Ir a toda leche= To go at full speed. (Literal translation= to go at all milk)
When we say someone goes/walks/drives/does something "a toda leche" it means that they do it very quickly, like in a hurry.

Did you know any of these expressions already?
What about your language? :) Can you tell me some expressions with food? Do you have any similar expression? I'd love to know.

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