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Fast-track speaking Thai lessons!

a year ago
I use all kinds of  techniques to help my students to activate their memorization for Thai words. Forget me not! Enjoy!

Tooth = Fun Without them, no more Fun, can't chew or enjoy your food any more! 

Before = Gone
Before it's all Gone!

Cool = Yen
Japanese currency.

Done / finished = Set
My task is all Set.

Fun = Sanuk
Snooker is fun, right?

Hot = Ron
Remember, Ron? He was the hottest guy in our class.

Knife = Meat
I use a knife to cut meat.

Namecard = Naam-butt
At a party, you take your  namecard out of your wallet from back pocket, next to your butt, so Naam-butt.

Possible / certainly = Die
When your boss / client asks you to do something, you better say yes, I Die for it!

Receipt = Bisex (But instead you pronounce the last consonant as T instead, as Biset)
So, whenever you need to ask for a receipt, you'll get it!

Really = Jing Jing
Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way..... The sound of money in your pocket!

See (I see you) = Hen
I see a Hen. 

See you later  = Pop gun mai
It's a pop gun you used to play with as a kid.

Still / yet = Young
As, I'm still Young and strong.

Stink = Men
Oh, Men don't like to take shower!

Transfer = Own
As soon as you wire your own money, who Owns it next? Thank you!

Boss = Jao - 9
Your boss's favourite number is Nine (9).
Hahaha, for this one, it didn't go as planned, because, one of my determined students managed to say Jao - 9 in a Thai version as Jao Gao, because, 9 is gao in Thai, so the word "boss" must be Jao Gao :) 
But, wait a minute, this one I made it as  a hybrid word mixed between Thai and English, so it is Jao Nine (9).
Yikes! I got busted! Sarah, your Thai version is sooo cute, made me laugh and laugh with joy, thank you!