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Feature request: New Verbling enterprise: Writing tutors

hace 3 años
I propose that Verbling experiment with writing tutelage as an enterprise distinct from language lessons.

Potential customers include those who want writing-related services in their:
  • Native language; or
  • A second language

General categories of writing-related services would include:
  • Teaching/training;
  • Coaching; and
  • Proofreading/editing

With sub-categories in:
  • Exam preparation, e.g. IELTS, TOEFL; and
  • Academic;
  • Business;
  • Policy/procedural/technical; and
  • Creative

Writing tutors in this enterprise would have to submit some bona fides that demonstrate our qualifications to teach writing. Because --> All language teachers can tutor our second-language learners in writing the target language with the correct vocabulary, word order, and grammar, but it is not a given that we all write well.

Prospective writing tutors include:
  • Existing Verbling language teachers; and
  • Tutors new to Verbling who teach writing, but who do not teach a language.

Prospective customers include:
  • Existing Verbling students who want writing tutelage in their L2;
  • Existing Verbling students who want writing tutelage in their L1; and
  • Students new to Verbling who seek writing help, but who do not study a language

Special considerations that relate to pricing and meeting times include:
  • Off-line reading/editing time; and
  • Shorter real-time meetings, e.g. 15-minute increments; and
  • Ability to charge per minute.

Verbling staff thoughts? Colleagues' thoughts? Students' thoughts?

Note: I wanted to post this in "all languages," but that doesn't appear to be an option. This feature request isn't just about English tutors or learners.
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