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แก้วตาดวงใจ / gâew dtaa duang jai

4 years ago
Do you know ...... What does it means? 
แก้วตา gâew dtaa = lens ดวงใจ duang jai = heart

These two things are important for you. So when we combine these two words, it means 'beloved' = the apple of one’s eye

Example sentences:

- ลูกเป็นแก้วตาดวงใจของพ่อแม่
lôok bpen gâew dtaa duang jai kŏng pôr mâe
Children are the apple of their parents eyes

- เธอคือแก้วตาดวงใจของฉัน
ter keu gâew dtaa duang jai kŏng chăn
You are the apple of my eye