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'Get': Phrases (learn how to use 'get')

2 months ago
Here are some phrases that include 'get'. Try writing your own examples using 'get'.

To get something
· To understand; to hear
o “You don’t get it because you don’t pay attention.”
o “I don’t know if you can hear me. Did you get what I said?”
o “Do you understand?” [“Yeah, I got it.” | “Yeah, I got you.”]
o “Okay, teacher. I’m getting it now. I’m getting better.”

To get/have someone’s back
· To support
o “I got your back no matter what.” (present tense)
o “If no one helps, I’ll get your back.”

To get someone back
· To get revenge, payback; to give what you owe.
o “I’ll get you back for embarrassing me…I’ll embarrass you!”
o “Thanks for buying me lunch. I’ll get you back tomorrow.”

To get emotional/ to react
· “I get happy when I see your face.”
· “Who doesn’t get upset when they’re stuck in traffic?”
· “Don’t mess with an angry cat. You can tell it’s getting mad when it hisses.”

States of being / Health and conditions
· “Are you getting hungry?”
· “Don’t get confused when he starts talking. He loves riddles.”
· “We got sick from eating at that new restaurant last night.”

Better or worse | good or bad (other adjectives)
· “The rain was bad before, but now it’s getting worse.”
· “You have to practice in order to get good at something. If you stop practicing, you’ll get worse.”
· “I’m bad at basketball. My brothers told me they’ll help me get good.”
· “I heard you’re amazing at dancing and singing.”
· “This song is getting terrible- turn it off.”
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