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Grasshoppers or a market niche?

a year ago
Many students purchase Trial Classes with the only purpose of practicing conversation for 30 minutes at the lowest possible price. If I were a student at Verbling, maybe I would do that too. After all, there is no policy against it. But it is a problem for teachers, because students who take a Trial Class and don't come for more lessons are counted in our stats as unsuccessful Trial Classes,lowering our percentage of follow-up bookings.

Considering that the USD6 half hour conversation session is so popular among students, why not make it a regular service and let teachers offer it as such, giving them the choice to do so?

As a teacher, I would prefer to know if I am teaching a lesson, doing an assesment, or just having relaxed conversation with corrections (or without, whichever the student chose), and having the choice of offering that service or not.

Personally, I would like to be able to offer 30-min conversation sessions for a low price - but only short notice, as schedule-fillers, so as to use my time productively when I am not booked or whenever I have a cancellation.

What's your take on this?