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'Green Eggs and Ham', by Dr. Seuss

vor 4 Jahren
Dr. Seuss is the pen name of a writer and cartoonist -Theodore Seuss Geisel- who is primarily known for his children's books, most of them written in rhyme, all of them unique, imaginative, and fun. Many children in the USA grew up reading Dr. Seuss’ books and loving them.

Sam-I-am is the main character of ‘Green eggs and ham’. Sam-I-am is a thin, white cat, who has no ears or tail. He wears a red hat and a yellow shirt which comes to his knees. He does not wear shoes or pants. He is seen to be a persistent and persuasive character, who repeatedly tries to convince his unnamed fellow character to eat a plate of green eggs and ham, and ultimately succeeds, without losing his patience or temper despite so many failures. He was created by Seuss to encourage the thought of trying new things in life, and to not always stick to something just because it is familiar.

Have you read any books by Dr. Seuss?

Can you name and describe any of his characters?

If you start reading 'Green Eggs and Ham' with your kids, I guarantee they will memorize it, they will want to read more of his books, and they will be reading on their own in no time!