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Happy Qixi Festival 七夕节快乐!(Video)

a year ago
Qixi Festival
Qixi Festival is a traditional festival in China. It is on the July 7th in the Chinese lunar calendar. Qixi Festival is the most romantic traditional festival in China, it is called “Chinese Valentine’s Day” nowadays. Qixi Festival is also called “Pleading-for-skills Festival” or “Girls’ Day”.

On the Qixi starry night, you can see two stars are separated on the opposite sides of the Milky Way. They are Altair and Vega.

It is folk custom to watch Altair and Vega in the Qixi Festival. In the legend, Niulang(Cowherd) and Zhinü(Weaving Maid) was devoted couple, but they were broken up by the Queen Mother of ruthless. She allowed they met each other only on the evening of lunar July 7th every year. Their loyalty to love touched magpies, so every year thousands of magpies build a bridge for them to meet.

It is said that on the Qixi evening when you look at the sky, you can see the Niulang and
Zhinü are dating on the Milky Way or even if you are under the shelf of the melons and fruits you can hear them whispering.