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2 年前
Hello, everybody! I have some troubles in answering question 11. The other questions are more or less ok, but this one is tough for me. The book is Language Practice Intermediate by Michael Vince (3rd edition page 42). Could you explain to me why do I have to choose one option rather than the other. I think my level of English is C2 or something, but I still can’t be sure answering Intermediate level question. That makes me frustrated.

Maria’s homecoming When the bus (1) STOPPED in a small square, Maria (2) WAS READING her magazine and didn’t realize that she (3) HAD ARRIVED at her destination. 'This is Santa Teresa,’ Martin said. ‘(4) YOU’VE ARRIVED home! I suppose your cousin (5) _____ for us. Come on. (6) I’LL CARRY the bags.’ Maria thought, ‘All those years when I (7) WAS LIVING in New York, I (8) USED TO DREAM of this moment. And now it’s real, I can’t believe it! Here I am, (9) I’M REALLY STANDING in the square ’. Santa Teresa was Maria's birthplace, but she (10) _______ the town at the age of six. She had some memories of the town, and some photos, but (11) HAS SHE BELONGED / DID SHE BELONG / DOES SHE BELONG here still? She (12) WASN’T KNOWING/HASN’T KNOWN/HADN’T KNOWN/DIDN’T KNOW. Nobody (13) WAS WAITING in the square. Perhaps her cousin Pablo (14) HADN’T RECEIVED Maria’s letter. 'What (15) ARE WE GOING TO DO now? ’ asked Martin. 'There isn’t even a hotel here! ’

UPD: All my struggle with this exercise is depicted here in the picture.