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Helping people each day

a month ago
This is my motivation for the day, for the week, the month and the year and the next ten years. This is my meditation and my purpose, this is what I believe my purpose is and what I am here to do to the best of my ability.

Everything has to be in the right context. When appreciation is given for the right actions, done in the most effective way, and it is not received with unjustified pride, then there is a perfect balance between actions and appreciation for those actions.

The world runs on communication. Language learning is so much more than just learning the vocabulary of foreign languages, it gives the opportunity to expand your communication ability in all areas of your life to improve your relationships, your business, your confidence, to talk about your goals, your hopes and dreams, as well as what you did in the days past and reflect on these things.

When I say I help people, it's not just the present perfect I am teaching them in English. I am giving them the chance to open their hearts and minds. There are days I didn't feel successful helping people. I just tried to make it to the end of the day. But as I became a better teacher I learned and listened to others and eventually I found ways to help them.

Plato said, to misquote him, something along the lines of this: "profit is not the measure of the success of a craft. The success of a craft is how well the craftsman does his craft."
The amount of money I make has no relation to the craft that I do. I must not worry about my own needs, only about doing my craft well and being pleased when people appreciate it.

There is no conclusion to this. It is my mediation for today and the next decade. It serves to help me feel motivated when I have many people to help. I am determined to listen to the needs of others, to hear what they say and accept their wisdom and knowledge. It is a valuable treasure.